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earlier today for thooe doctors who had their licenses suspended. john rydell joining us with more on what hhppenee. >> reporter: a criminal investigation continues iito the actions of those two doctors and a third doctor whose not even licensed o practice in maryland is also being disciplined. before today's hearing some opponents of abortion protestee outside. there are upset with news that a woman was critically injured while undergoing an abortion at a clinic in cecil county. dr. stephen brigham operates th3 american services cliiic. the medical board issued a cease and desist order. the medicalllicenses of two ú&her doctors remain suspendedd they include doctor nicolea riley and dr. shepard. police remooed several fetuses from a freezer. >> we know now that he was committing bortions going all the way back to january of this year, perhaps earlier and aborted babies in a freezerr isn't that nice? it's deplorable and nobody even knew about it. >> reporter: another hearing for both doctors expeeted to be held in the next few weeks, then the state board of physicians has many options,
sputtering. state revenue is actually above earlier projections, but as john rydell reports, nee numbers show maryland is not insulated froo the national slow down. >> in historic annapolis, there traffic. but ome shopss here are not many buyers. so this women's lothing store has shut down. they are looking for bargains. what can you sell? can you make a deal for me. it has been bad. it has been tough year. >> old general store on main street has shut downn that's because the long time owner died. but friends say he, and other busiiess ownerss still suffered ú%om theelingering reccssion. >> couple of days of the week, consisttnnly would be good. and then it bottoms ouu. and it is tough to ust keep your bills going, and your income up. >> state sales and income tax revenue ddclined by 3.7 peecent from the year before. buttgovernor o'malley said therú are a few positive signs. >> we'reestill coming out of the recession. we still have a lot of work to do. but with five months in a row, of positive job growth, we are also seeing some growth in our3 revenues. >> but republican challenger woul
of a cover up. john rydell reports on a new round of e-mails revealed today. >> whhn marylandds department of labor and liicnsing initially released the july jobs report it was ardly ood news. on the website the agency characterized maryland's economy as stalling. and described a decline in consumer confidence. but within ours, that report -as removed. and it was reelaced with a statement saying the earlier posting was mmde in error and outlined a far less gloomy forecast. >> it appears a staffer told the truth, was caught telling the truth and then made up the rest of the story. >> theecampaign of republican gubernntorial challeeger bbb ehrlich reeeased aastring of e-mails it obtaaned from the state which dettiled the communication among state officials. in one e-mail a labor department official said to another, makee3 it disappear. coming from the top. today the ehrlich campaign released a second round of e-mails n 1 the labor sscretary thanks the staff for staying late friday night to put up the desired version of the job's report. and helping to minimize the impact oo a very difficu
the the project.s the tax break for but john rydell tells us ssme people think the prooect's deal is already sweet enoogh. >> it is a state complex that some say is in desperate need of a facelift. this fall ground will be broken to transform these aaingg3 buildings into a thriving communiiy. >> i think it will be great or the community, and city of baltimore. again we are always looking for ways to achieve efficiencies and get the greatest value for the lowest cost. >> maryland board of public works gave approval to theú $1.5 billion project, known as state center. with retail, grocery store, commercial office space and homms. and instead of renovating the state office buildings they will be toon down. >> state officials say to completely rehab the old stateú office buildings would cost up to $100 million. so the state plans to lease office space from private ú%velopers on the same spot. but thht financial arrangement is prompting questions from some state lawmakers.3 >> if we are going to kind of doing a reverse mortgage on that, and lease that property out for 100 years. do we need to o? i
of bbltimore continues to wait.3 john rydell reports, the group that bid was rejected is appealing tonight. >> the glitzy new hollywood but in baltimore city, the3 futtre site of another proposed gambling ven survey cant. entertainment group was the lone bidder to put slots at the m&t stadium. but reject by the slots commission. >> thhs project is nowhere near the track. >> commissiin members say the lingering delay has upset some public officials. who were counting on thh extra reeenue. >> every month it goes by city is not generating the revenue for the school system. the small businesses are not getting the type of infusion they need. >> baltimore city entertainment group is nnt giving up. its president is pleading his case before the maryland board oo contract appeals. >> it would allow us, to put the casino on one floor. >> canadian developer wants the board to overturn tte decision by the slots commission to give him a second chance to bring slots to baltimore. >> it will be fantastic..3 anddfinally, a lot sooner than reproposal process. finally the taxpayers of marylanddwill get wha
to be %-the next baltimore countyme executiie. in towson, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and ron harvey came in third in the democratic race for baltimore county exeeutive with neerly 4 percent of the vote. >>well, there was surprisingly low voter turnout to tuesday primaries and in altimore city, 20 percent of voters head to the pools. state wide, turnout was just over 27 percent. that's below the 30 percent that state elections officials were projectinn. >> no real reason. >> iiwas disappointed because i didn't see as many as iithought back in 2008. >> people were lazy, do not want want to do nothing. >> i went because a lot of things need to be changeed. >> that brings us to the question of the ay. why do you ttink there was such low voter turnout? ccer writes on our website, i believe the low voter turnout was because a lot of marylanders are registered independent and3 we were not allowed to vote in the election. but rick writes, i think it shows that people ring, are not word votiig for. go to and let us know what you think. %-and we will hear more response on t
. thaats coming straight from the top.3 john rydell has more on the e-mails, the ehrlich campaagn released ttday. -> the state of maryland's economy is all in thh eye of the beholder, or in this case, the candidates. he visits the puh distribution plant he taaes aim at the marylandddepartment of laborrand -icenseing. >> most broken agriculture of state government. >> claiming the agency wrongly paid out tens of millions of dollars in jobless claims. now anddhe other republicans are accusiig theeo'malley administration of deliberately trying to supprees ad news about the economy. >> it appears a staffer tood the truth, was caught tlling the3 truth and then he made up the rrst of the story. >> last montt, the state posted a jjb's rrport describiig maryland's economy as stalling, confideene. but that statement was suddenly removed from the agency'ss3 website. an e-mails obtained by thh republican party. labor secretary sanchez assed a staafer, is it down? meannng the document. sanchez aads, call me as soon as we know who posted outrageous information on the site. it came the same week the g
with murdering former city council member ken harris. john rydell eports tonight. the case is ow focused on dna evidence. >> survvillance video shows say were involled in the murders of former councilman ken harris. it happened during a robbery at the new haven lounne. ú%t because none of the wwtnesses actually sawwthe suspects faces, dna evidence is considered rucial.ú foo most of today a police dna expert gave jurors a detailed lesson in how dna is lifted from evidence. prosecutors say there was no real bllod on ttat halloween mask found near the scene but thee say other dnnamount of one of the suspects was discovered inside of the mask.ú >> but the defense atttrneys spent mmch of the afternoon cross-examining the dna expert questioning how the evidence was collected and then analyzed..3 >> he technician, that is testifying now,,cannot tell the jury where the mask came from, he cannot tell the jury underú whaa circumstances it camm in to possession of the police department. in this case was packageed in one purse. there were at minimum 13, 14 itemssput in one purse. sat there for three
election, you will be seeing more and more ads for govvrnor o'malley and bob ehrlich. john rydell tells us one campaign ad for o'malley is prompting criticism. not justtfrom the ehrlich campaign, but also from a tv station. >> the ad is produced by the o'malley campaign. >> the property tax, as well as a lot of fee increases. difference between fees nd taxes. >> it ncludes a news anchor from maryland public tv. >> raising taxes during that period. >> it is a clip taken from a althougg reaction from voters was not paat of the broadcast. mpt executives did not give the o'malley campaign permission to use the video. and mpt is paatially funded by the state and technically a executives were concerned that %-that mpt supports the incumbet governor. but officials say they are non-partisan. >> ludicrous, over the top,3 goofy. ads. >>as for ehrlich he isstrying to clarify his position on fees that wereeapproved wwen he was governor. he calls t ironic that o'malley -s promoting programs hat are funded by those fees. the success of the chesapeake on bay restoration act and transportation bill. t
concedes defeat in her raae to keepphhr position. john rydell reports about the end of a era for patricia jessamy. >> joined by her husband and colleagues, state's attorney pat patriciaajessamy declares this contentious race is finally over. >> i called greg bernstein, nd - advised him that i was conceding. >> patricia jessamy said that shh made her decision thisú morning, and et with her staff a short time later n what was described as an emotional go meetingg3 24 hours earlier, attorneys for patricii jessamy were questioning the election officials about the entire but when the first batch of absentee ballots were counted -ernstein got 68 vvoes aad put him ahead. and patricia jessamy has declined tootalk about the tight rrce and the divissve campaign. >> i am not onn toodwell in the past..3 i am one for movinggforward. -nd i just think that it is time to do that. >> and a few hours later, greg bernstein got plenty of hugg and >>>but the esults show that we attracted a broad based base of support across the city, because people of all races, ages, and a change. and we are ready for aa
being killed by police. john rydell has more on how the >> at discovery communication headquarters today is anything but routine. >> a lot of hugs. a lot of high fives, a lot of tears.ú >> south entrance is still roped-off. hazmat crews continue the clean -p. where a gunman strapped with explosives burst into the lobby and held three hostage. 1900 workers were evacuated, as were 100 children from the day -are center. after four hours of negotiations, police opened fiie, killing the gunnann he is identifiid as james lee. a man that previously had protested the network's programming. but employyes are relieved. the three hostages escaped unharmed. who is a iraqi war veteran. >> he was the real calming infllence in that room. he helped with negotiations. helped feed information back to the police. he was one of many heroesú yesttrday. >> some peopll that work around here say they do remmmber the mannnow identified as james lee. as a frequent protester outside of the discovery heaaquarters. -nd they say on some occasions, he actually offered passer-by up to $100 to protest with him. >> we
ballots before primary day. the first of six days f early voting began today. john rydell visited some pathology place!!polling places where voters are getting an early start. >> reporter: among the early voting siies, this is one of th3 most popular. by mid afternoon more than 00 votees had caatttheir ballots at the community centerr ú%ong them, this man is running executivv. >> we had a longgline. when the pollses opened at 10:00, the system is working well. the lines were cleared within 10 minutes..3 >> reporter: governor o'malley and his wife judge katie o'malley cast their ballots this aattrnoon in northwest battl!! baltimore. %-political pundits wonder whetr six days of early voting will voter turnout. expect voter turnouts to beand i highhr than ttey otterwwse would be. >> reporter: but retired johns hopkins political professor saiw mixed results. >> researchhdone in 2007 showed no significant can't o or negligible ncrease in urnout. >> reporter: he said early voting may not boost democratic voters in a heavily democratic state like maryland. >> people who vote early are -eo
yesterday about three and their ole in a botched abortion. john rydell reports tonight, hearings were held today for two doctors that have had their license suspended already.ú >> before the suspension hearings of wo doctors, abortion opponents sound off. they are upset with news hat a young woman was critically injured while undergoing an abortion. it happened last month, at this clinic in elkton. the cling's operator never had a maryland.o practice ahmed in dr. brighaa operatee many women services cciniis in baltimore city, college park, frederick and cecil county. ccmmitttnn abortions going back to januaryyof this year. perhaps earlier. then storing the remains of the aborred babies up to likes ever 35 weeks in a freezer. isn't that nice? deplorable. nobody knew abouu it.3 >> now two physician that is worked with dr. brigham and were involved with that abortion have had theii medical licenses suspended. include george shepherd and nicola riehl. >> she breached the standard of care. way they delivered the patient to the hospital. the way it was -- she was transported.ú hang over of t
woman being flown to shock trauma. >> john rydell tells us tonight police have uncovered very disturbing evidence in this particular case. >> on main street in elkton, most folks know the lawyers and family doctors. but few knew much aaout this unmarked abortion clinic. until now. >> i was shocked. i wonder how many underage victims have been involved. >> police saa their probe began when a man and woman dressed in hospital scrubs showed up at the er of union hospital. >> a injured female brought into the hospital in a private vehicle by two doctors. she had injjries unknown to them. >> police learned the 18-year-old woman had initially sought an abortion in vorhees3 new jersey but the doctor had theewoman transported by car to cecil county to complete the procedure. but her complications were so bad. that she had to be airlifted to3 johns hopkins hospital. >> this investigation had only begun. the elkton police object taped a search warrant to obtain the medical records of the patient. but the other items discovered inside of this clinic caught detectives after guard. >> during our sear
from the right, on the g.o.p. side tonight. >> aad john rydell will join us live from federallhill with the results that have race. >> but first, tonight, the race for state's attorney in baatimore. >> yeah, take a look at the numbers as they come in. happening at this time. in real time. 1 percent of the precincts reporting. jessamy ahead 51 percent over challenger greg bernstein. >> our jeff abell joins us live from canton where bernstein is watching tte numbers too. >> there is a lot of optimism here in canton, where a packed houses of supporters are waiting, and watching the returns. in the crowd re attorneys,3 greg bernstein. and friends of we are still awaiting the arrival of the challenger here tonight. he was out early this morning, drumming last minute support at the polls. now bernstein who is former federal prosecutor, out spent his opponent in this race. of course, vowed to get tough on violent offenders. at the polls arlier today, he admitted that he is exciteed and enthousandsed. >> well, we think we have run a very professional campaign. and, i think, that afttr
, the votes are counted, resuuts are innand now take a step forward. >> in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> inna statement bernstein said absentee allots results consistent with the final results. both candidatee kickeddtheir governor o'malley held a kitcheú table talk with mothers in catonsville this morning. he heard about the struggle that face each and every ay. >>>my most important decisions in the family where i was raised, happened around the kitchen table. there has been one thought, in the center of my mind.every time tough decisions and that is hat would these decisions mean around a kitchen table for the families of our state. >> governor o'malley staged kitchen table talks in theepast to hear the issues mosttdirectly affecting maryland's residents. >> g.o.p. chhllenger ehrlich hits the air waves wiih his second campaign ad. >> the next four years will impact the next decade. so we put togethhr a road map, too20/20. >> it talks about how ehrliih plans to bring jobs back to the ssate oo maryland..3 and cut spending.ú a dundalk barber shop talking about his plans
summer long. now it is bob ehrlich's turn. john rydell has more on ehrlich's new ad and what governor o'mallly thinkk of it. >> thank you. thank you. >> appreciate it. >> although he has been a gubernatorial candidate for nearly five months, ehrlich held off taking to the air waves. at this campaign, he is3 unveiling the fiist campaign ad on tv. >> toddy maayland is in trouble. worse off than four years ago. >> bob ehrlich never mentionn o'malley by name, but in the first tv commercial former governor is clearly taking aim at the incumbent. >> dangerous debt, higher taxes. >> we thought we would have to go up on tv prior to this, but the polls held up so well we were able to save money when we did not have it. >> governor o'malley calls the new ehrlich ad misleading. >> totally tapers over andd3 -losses over the thiigs he did whenness office that were not good for the environment. the things that actually harm small businesses. >> o'malley said that includes ehrlich's handling of fiscal matters. and fees that he raised when he was an incumbent. >> this from the people that you blame for
in perryville opening day now set for nexx thursday. in cecil county, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and maryland'' attorney general's office is expect to issue a opinion on whether penn3 national should be fined in the active rrle in appointt slots at arundel ills. >> how this very high speed continues. >> and action. >> the race against ime to complete a movie about a man with a terminal illness. >> ww aae looking at thunderstorms that pushhd through the area. dropping heavy raan in s >> a local director with an eye for drama always thought he could tellla great story about the disabled. the person he found turned out to be someone he knows all too well. >> ann with a main character's terminaa illnnss progressing it3 issa race against time. joel d. smith has tonight's cover story. >> this is the work of filmmakeú patrick o'brienn he hassdone shows for mtv, spike, nd others and this stylish brash director wanted something more. a masterpiece that would stann forrsomething. and patrick thinks he has found it withhan a.l.s. patient willinn to reveal it all with the cameras
in cecil county. but john rydell said tonightt that grand opening now could be >> you haae probably seen this ad and others condemning the proposed ssots arlor at arunde3 mills mall. ú%d paid for by the jockey club and penn national gaming. but the campaign dree a rebuke frrm the cordish company t has the license to put the slots in the mall but it is on hold. %-enhance your job base., >> at the recent opening of the pro slots campaign oofice in arunddl county, david cordish urged support for slots and spoke about what he calls penn slots refeeendum.erence with the one license fee is not supposed to prevent another license sea from oppning. >> penn national also operates hollywood casino in charlestown west virginia. %-inn maryland dollars in west3 virginia, and control the %->>the cordish company also sad that penn national, that now operates pimlico race course and laurel park would stand toú benefit if slots were rejected at arundee mills and be built at the race track in lauree. >> so the sttte lottery commiissonnis asking maryland's attorney general, to revvew the matter and issu
. -> and with the campaign winding down, both candidates say they %-supporters show up at the pol3 in randallstown, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. -> the winner will beefacing former state delegateken holt november 2 n the general election, of course. the economy is number one. thousands of people in tate of maryland looking for new jobss as we speak. and most maryllnd census jobs ended in july and august. that means 12,000 people nned to find work somewhere else. and the state unemployment ratt declined between april and july. but the same rope has to be seeú in aay of the sectors. >> and the debateeheats up over the bush tax cuts. president wants to enew them for low and middle class americans. but let them expire in december for those that make more than $250,000 a year. -his weekend the top republican in the house said if that's the only alternative, he would vote for t but compromise is not ú%kely to happen in the u.s. senate however. >> we cannnt allow the joo creators to pay for democraa out of control spending. >> we cannot give awwy $700 billion to folks that don't need itt and think s
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)